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WHITE PAPER: Advancing RTI for the Future

To Improve the Effectiveness of MTSS/RTI Implementations Today, Educators Must Understand the Fundamental Changes in Assumptions from 2004 to Today.

RTI was originally designed in 2004 when the percentage of students with IEPs was between 1-5% and Tier 2 was 5-10%.  In other words it assumed the majority of students would be on-grade or above.  Today, many districts have state proficiencies in ELA and Math ranging from 10% to 45%.  This requires aggressive action or districts will experience long-term low to stagnate growth.  This white paper explains how to make these modifications to any MTSS/RTI implementation to dramatically improve its efficiency.


The original RTI model was developed assuming the distribution of students falling into each tier as shown above.  Today, these distributions are rarely seen in districts.

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