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Welcome CEC Jumpstart Members!


What is Included in your Toolkit?

  • Online K-12 reading diagnostic assessment
  • Online K-9 math diagnostic assessment
  • Progress monitoring quizzes
  • Online personalized course for each student in ELA and Math
  • Online Life skills and Financial literacy courses

What your JumpStart Tool Kit will allow you to do for students with IEPs:

  • Quickly create robust PLAAFPs
  • Automatically generate PLAAFP align, individualized goals specific for each student's diagnostic data
  • Create sequences and skill-specific objectives that build mastery from each student's present levels 
  • Automatically create individualized learning paths of specially designed instruction (SDI)
  • Automatically progress monitor each student's goals and objectives with instructionally-embedded assessment
  • Customize progress monitoring schedules with skill-specific, pre-built formative assessment quizzes
  • Adjust instruction automatically with formative data 
  • Adjust individualized learning paths with automatically infused formative data into each student's data repository 
  • Ensure internal consistency with heightened substantive compliance

How this plays out for you as a teacher:

Step 1: Assess your students in reading and math online
  -  Establishes baseline data and gives you a full understanding of the student

Step 2: Use "IEP Tools" reports to write your PLAAFPs.
  -  Narrative text and narrative present levels provided by this report

Step 3: Use "IEP Tools" report to select student's short term goals
  -  Skills/concepts automatically identified that the student needs to work on next. You select the ones you want to target in the next instructional period.

Step 4: Decide the frequency and intensity of our automated online SDI
  -  20 minutes a day, 1 hour a week, etc.

Step 5: Assign short quizzes for progress monitoring as needed.
  -  Data automatically overlays the baseline data for full compliance

Brief overview video of how Let's Go Learn supports school districts, administrators, and teachers!

Or visit our main special education page to read about our entire platform and how we are serving special educators with our innovative technology and approach.


@JenniferS “Let’s Go Learn is a lifesaver. They have assessments that diagnose gaps and automatically place students at the best instructional level. Plus there are built-in formative assessments and progress monitoring that allow me to focus on what each student needs.”

Jennifer SalazarMaster Teacher, Waco, Texas ISD