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WHITE PAPER: An Inclusion Learning Model

Effective Strategies for Co-Teaching in an Inclusion Model

As educators, you know that it can be especially challenging to navigate the complexities of special education. To help guide these critical efforts, our CEO and Co-Founder, Richard Capone, collaborated with special Education expert, Dr. Kurt E. Hulett at Let’s Go Learn to create this helpful resource Let’s Go Learn – An Inclusion Learning Model. This engaging content explores the best practices and key steps necessary to ensure your classroom’s inclusion model provides students with disabilities effective support and instruction within general education classrooms. You’ll discover:

  • How to establish a pleasant classroom environment that meets all learning needs
  • Tips for deploying new instructional strategies and integrating universal design into planning
  • A variety of co-teaching methods you can implement in your classroom
  • Why collaborative planning is key to success
  • Plus more!
Inclusion White Paper

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